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Investment Function @VFMC

We deliver market-leading long-term returns.  We do this by utilising our well-established investment approach, whilst retaining a clear focus on ongoing continuous improvement.

We invest the long-term investments for 31 Victorian State Government entities, who are VFMC’s clients. We do this by investing in a diverse range of asset classes, in both the Australian and international markets. Our approach to investing utilises a mix of internally managed investment strategies as well as also using carefully selected external investment managers who we appoint to invest funds on behalf of our clients. In doing so, we maintain close oversight of these external managers.

Our investment activities are underpinned by the Investment Team’s specialist asset class expertise combined with our inhouse team of experts in Investment Risk, Portfolio Strategy, Portfolio Execution and Investment Stewardship. We work closely together and collectively adopt a whole of portfolio approach to our investments. This ensures that the portfolio is managed holistically and decisions regarding the allocation of capital consider all key risks and opportunities.

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“Our team is united by the common purpose of investing to improve the future prosperity of Victoria. As the Chief Investment Officer, it is a privilege to lead the Investment Team, motivated by this goal. A key part of our success is attracting diverse people and talent and operating an open and collaborative culture. No two days are the same in this role – the constant is that our work is always intellectually demanding, interesting and satisfying.”

Russell ClarkeChief Investment Officer