Investment performance

VFMC invests more than $68 bn in funds for 30 clients across the insurance, superannuation, health, arts, education and services agencies of Victoria.

We build investment portfolios to achieve each of our clients’ long term investment objectives within acceptable risk tolerances. We aim to add value for our clients by outperforming the relevant market benchmark in each asset class and in aggregate. Generally, over the longer term, client portfolios are designed to deliver absolute returns in the order of 3-4% pa above the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Investment returns

Investment Performance as at 31.12.2019




VFMC has chosen benchmarks for each asset class to reflect industry standards. The total fund benchmark comprises asset weighted asset class benchmarks.

Asset Class Benchmark
Australian Equities S&P / ASX 300 Accumulation Index
International Equities MSCI AC World IMI Net AUD (25% hedged)
Private Equity S&P / ASX 300 Accumulation + 3%
Infrastructure CPI + 5%
Property Mercer / IPD Australian PPFI
Inflation Linked Bonds Bloomberg Ausbond Government Inflation Linked 0+ Yr
Diversified Fixed Interest Bloomberg Ausbond Composite Bond 0+ Yr Index
Non Traditional Strategies Bloomberg Ausbond Bank Bill + 3% pa
Cash Bloomberg Ausbond Bank Bill Index
Assets managed

To invest with VFMC, clients must be a Public Authority as defined under the Victorian Funds Management Corporation Act 1994.

VFMC managed investments of $64 billion at 30 June 2019 for 29 Victorian public authorities and related organisations.

Assets Managed $ (bn)
Superannuation 24.5
Insurance 35.2
Other clients 4.4
Total  64.1*

* Data may not sum due to rounding

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